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Mike as Media Coach


Are you an executive, author, celebrity, politician or speaker
who needs a "brief" or "rush" training?

Mike Schwager provides one- and two-day workshops for all of the above kinds of clients. On occasion, when budget is an issue, or there is no time for a lengthier in-person session, Mike can offer his skilled training insights in a one or two hour media coaching conference by phone.

Why coaching instead of training?

The reason is simple. You may not have the budget for a lengthier one or two day training workshop.  Or you may have been asked to appear on Nightline tonight. The Today Show may want you tomorrow morning. CBS News may call to say they're sending a reporter to your home or office in three hours.

A media coaching phone conference with Mike Schwager will optimize your chances for a winning on-air experience.

Media Training or Coaching with Mike Schwager will help you:

  • Create the perception that you and your company are credible, legitimate and worthy of support.
  • Promote your book in a way that drives people to the bookstores.
  • Improve the American public's impression of your country.
  • Tantalize the viewing public about your upcoming movie.
  • Maximize the chance to create a favorable impression with your viewing audience.


$500 per hour