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Crisis Communications Training

  • Your company is about to lay off hundreds of workers...
  • Rumors are spreading about a merger or takeover...
  • Your company is dealing with a class action law suit...
  • There is a safety issue with one of your company’s products...
  • Your non-profit organization has been accused by a charity evaluator
  • of spending too much on overhead...
  • The foreign country you represent suffers from an adverse reputation in the United States...

With any of the above negative scenarios, you're faced with a barrage of media calls. Do you and your senior staff know how to contend with probing reporters?

In this day and age of increased media scrutiny, there's a real chance that your organization's actions or policies could one day come under the spotlight.

Preparing for a crisis before it occurs can save your company or organization from a damaged reputation or worse. Crisis communications training will help you anticipate and deal with controversial or hurtful situations that may arise. If you have not planned for a crisis, and are suddenly in the thick of one, the same training can help you contend with the situation at-hand.

Crises can emerge for any company. How you deal with a crisis, and how you present it to the media, can make a huge difference in how the public perceives you, your people and your company.

Mike Schwager has worked closely with all of the major media outlets for over 20 years. He knows what they're looking for and how to turn journalists into an allies instead of enemies.

Mike can help you turn "lemons into lemonade." He will help you anticipate - and respond to - the toughest questions a reporter can ask. Beyond that, he will help you develop a "crisis strategy" - a gameplan for how to approach a crisis, and how to move through it in its various stages. He'll co-create with you and your colleagues the messages and responses necessary to help you overcome the moment - and change public sentiment from a negative mindset to a positive one.