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Geneva Global

Linking Wealthy Donors with Grassroots Charitable Projects in Developing Countries

Geneva Global (www.genevaglobal.com), based in Wayne, Pennsylvania, provides a unique and valuable service. As a philanthropic research and international grantmaking company, Geneva investigates local, grassroots humanitarian initiatives in Third World countries on behalf of wealthy American and European donors.

With over five hundred experts stationed strategically in the hardest places of the world, Geneva Global searches for those charitable projects that have a successful track record of performance, presenting its findings to wealthy individuals and family foundations that seek to give with the assurance that their money will be put to immediate and effective use. Based on a principle called “Performance Philanthropy,” Geneva’s donors are interested in philanthropic giving with an investment mindset. They are interested in giving to those undertakings that are based not only on “need” but also on “proven results.”

It’s my pleasure to generate media coverage for this important professional service.

Here is a partial list of media placements thus far arranged on behalf of Geneva Global’s CEO, Eric Thurman:

PBS’s Wall $treet Week with FORTUNE featured a half hour interview with Eric Thurman on April 22, 2005. Topic: Performance Philanthropy.
To view the program, turn to this url: http://www.genevaglobal.com/in_the_news.asp

Wrote press release distributed by Business Wire on Eric Thurman’s PBS appearance. Entitled, “CEO & Philanthropic Expert, Appearing on PBS's 'Wall Street Week with Fortune,' Says ''Think About Charity the Way You Think About Investing'' Picked up by many websites including CSRWire and Forbes.com. Here’s url: http://www.csrwire.com/article.cgi/3863.html

WHYY-TV (PBS in Philadelphia and Delaware), Evening Business Report, interviewed Eric Thurman on December 7, 2005

American Family Radio Network interviewed Eric Thurman on February 25, 2005 on its work it shutting down slave-trading networks in Third World countries.

Time Magazine Europe, in its February 21, 2005 issue, said "...Geneva Global, (is) a group that hooks up wealthy American donors with charities abroad.”

Eric Thurman appeared on Fox News Channel’s “Fox and Friends” on January 1, 2005 to talk about Geneva’s approach to helping tsunami victims.

The Philadelphia Daily News carried a tsunami story on December 30, 2004, saying "Geneva Global... specializes in international grant-making for private donors and foundations... Geneva Global arranges hundreds of grants and donations a year for American donors who want to give directly to local organizations in foreign countries."

Article in Wall Street Journal entitled, “Tis The Season To Be Giving,” December 21, 2004, stated: "... professional service firm that scouts out worthy causes for philanthropists... Geneva Global, Inc., in Wayne, PA., has 500 contacts in 90 countries."

Item in Institutional Investor Magazine, December, 2004, stated: “Geneva Global…resembles a Wall Street research shop, advising donors on specific projects.”

Item in Wall Street Journal, July 6, 2004, stated: "Geneva Global Inc., assesses the effectiveness of overseas charitable projects for its clients - mainly family foundations or wealthy individuals."

Article in Wall Street Journal, June 22, 2004, stated: "Geneva Global... advises philanthropic organizations on how to get the most bang for the buck for the money they contribute to worthy causes. It focuses its scouting efforts mostly on small but effective charities in some of the world's nastiest little corners of poverty. Geneva Global has channeled funds into some 90 countries, to groups fighting child slavery in India or sex trafficking in the Balkans, and claims it can change a life for as little as $25."

Eric Thurman interviewed on Voice of America, May 12, 2004. Narrator said: "Geneva Global raises grants for grassroots organizations - not well known charities."

Forbes Magazine profiled Eric Thurman in its May 10, 2004 issue, in a two-page article entitled, “Contrarian Charity.” Excerpt said: "Geneva Global... advises the rich and their foundations on where to place their philanthropic bets... [Geneva Global] searches for small, successful and unsung programs in the most turbulent backwaters around the world. Geneva Global takes a distinctly capitalist approach to this effort in good works. It looks for 'undervalued' charities in the poorest regions of the world, where a dollar goes an awfully long way, then sends in its own operative to check things out.”

Philadelphia Inquirer ran Op-Ed by Eric Thurman and Art Linkletter on April 9, 2004, entitled, “Hear The Children In The Streets.” (Mike Schwager ghosted that Op-Ed and enlisted the support of Art Linkletter as a co-author).
Here is link to that Op-Ed: http://www.tvtraining.tv/OpEd_GenevaGlobal.htm