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Media Interview Training & Media Coaching

You're a politician, a diplomat, a government spokesperson, a senior executive within your company, a Hollywood celebrity, or an author. Imagine that an important interview has been arranged for you on a leading network television talk show.

You've got the airtime. Now, it's critical to use that air time wisely and effectively.

In just a few minutes, you may leave an impression of yourself and who you represent that is favorable or unfavorable. Fortunately, the rewards can far outweigh the risk - if you're prepared.

None of us springs from the crib knowing how to connect with the camera or how to make all of our key points in four minutes or less. Even the best public speakers may find a media interview unfamiliar and unsettling.

Worldlink Media Consultants provides a two day media interview training “When the Media Calls” that will give you the skills to handle the media like a pro. Learn more on our Media Interview Training page.

Have a specific situation you need media coaching for? Worldlink Media Consultants will work with you to prepare for that big interview. Go to our Media Coaching page to learn more.

Crisis Communication Training & Crisis Communication Planning

There may be the added pressure of a crisis situation. This time, the media has come to you and the story may not be pleasant.

You need very specific skills to handle the situation in a way that makes you and your company look like a hero instead of the villain.

Worldlink Media Consultants will train you staff to communicate well in a crisis.

Experience makes the difference.

Mike Schwager has over 25 years experience in public relations, media interview training and crisis communications training.